Superstructure Repairs and Improvements to Bridge S-31 (Oceanic Bridge)

Monmouth County, New Jersey
Freehold, New Jersey

Monmouth County, New Jersey

Project Cost:

Completion Date:
May, 2015

Fred Passeggio
Principal Engineer
Monmouth County
(732) 431-7760

Project Details

Built in 1939, Bridge S-31 (The Oceanic Bridge) is a 2700 foot long by 40 foot wide structure. The Bridge includes a double leaf bascule span, 16 steel girder spans and 40 reinforced concrete tee beam spans. During a 2013 bridge inspection, it was determined that the bridge superstructure was in serious condition and classified several of the areas to be in need of a Priority 1 Repair.

Our project consists of superstructure repairs and improvements to the concrete deck and structural steel. It is estimated that 2,500 square feet of the bridge deck and joints will need repair. These repairs range from surface, to full depth repairs. Many of the concrete deck and joint repairs are in areas of previous renovations. For this project the County has selected a high performance rapid setting patch material chosen as the result of previous trials.

The structural steel repairs include 32,000 lbs. of steel that will be added to the superstructure to replace section loss among the existing members. This work will include cleaning existing steel, removing rivets, fixing new plates, angles and channels with epoxy to weathered and eroded steel and replacing the original rivets with high strength galvanized bolts. The most extensive steel repairs are at floor beams that span the entire width of the bridge closest to the bascule span. These beams will have their entire effective section replaced incrementally with new steel.

All of this repair work is being completed with the least possible interruption to traffic. The bridge must remain open to traffic for morning and evening rush hours. Single lane closings with alternating traffic are only allowed during off-peak hours. Complete bridge closures are required to complete the main floor beam repairs. Accordingly, this work can only be completed within a series of 8-hour overnight shifts. Once completed additional contracts are expected to deal with decencies in the substructure.