Route 7 Hackensack River Wittpenn Bridge, Contract 4 Jersey City & Kearny, NJ

Project Specifics

NJ Department of Transportation (NJDOT)
Trenton, New Jersey

Project Cost:

Personnel Involved:
George Harms, Tom Hardell, Rob Harms, Kevin
Harms, Ed Panuska, Daniel Healey, Jason
Hardell, Doug Longmuir, Steve Glowacki,
Anthony Araujo

Completion Date:
November 11, 2022

Bill Ricci, Resident Engineer
(973) 518-6571

Project Details

This is the second largest project in GHCCI’s renowned history and interestingly enough the first being our Rt.1&9T project in Jersey City, was the first phase of the Rt.7 program and will connect to the new Wittpenn infrastructure. The overall NJDOT Wittpenn Project consists of five separate contracts to replace the existing Rt.7 lift span bridge that was built in 1930. The Rt. 7 bridge spans over the Hackensack River and is a vital corridor extending between Kearny and Jersey City, linking up to Rt. 1&9 in Jersey City. The project also includes reconstructing Fish House Road ramps that provide access for trucking to and from various commerce facilities in the area. The existing bridge is listed as “structurally deficient” and becomes a major traffic snarl when opened for marine traffic passing through on the Hackensack River.

GHCCI’s Contract 4 encompasses the largest footprint of all the contracts. Project construction will include five new bridge structures along with the remaining mainline structure, relocating Fish House Rd and constructing associated new ramps, connecting Rt.7 to Rt. 1&9T mainline, and constructing new ramps to local streets in Jersey City. During the contract tenure, the new lift span structure will be completed and operational in Contract 3, allowing traffic to be shifted over the new span, followed by demolition of the nearly 90-year-old structure to be performed by GHCCI.

A vast array of construction operations will be involved beginning with extensive utility relocations, followed by drilled shafts, H-piles, permanent sheeting, extensive ground improvements including vibro-concrete columns (VCC’s), load transfer mats, and surcharge with wick drains. Additionally, there are approximately 10 retaining walls (cast-in-place and MSE), numerous sign structures to be constructed, and over 10 million pounds of structural steel to erect. According to NJDOT, this lift span is one of the largest in North America and will be a monumental accomplishment for the State of New Jersey. GHCCI will undoubtedly be a large part of that success when the last phase, Contract 4, is completed by November 2022.