NJDOT Route 52 Causeway, Contract A1

NJ Department of Transportation (NJDOT)
Trenton, New Jersey

Ocean City / Somers Point, New Jersey

Project Cost:

Completion Date:
February, 2010

Bob Foltin
Resident Engineers for NJDOT
(609) 653-0939

Project Details

The Rt. 52, Contract A1 project is the first of two projects to replace the existing roadway and bridges between Ocean City and Somers Point, NJ. The project is one of the largest ever awarded by the NJDOT, and by far the largest roadway project in Southern New Jersey’s history. The project spans over two bodies of water and several islands in a very difficult marine environment only 1/2 mile inland of the Atlantic Ocean.

The northbound highway will be constructed to the east of the existing roadway first. Once complete, traffic will be shifted onto the new highway to allow for the demolition and removal of the existing bridges and roadway. After demolition is complete, a twin SB roadway will be built in the location of the existing highway.

Each northbound & southbound roadway will include two low-level bridges over the bay waters and the raising and reconstruction of the roadway on Rainbow Island. The bridges will consist of fifty-four cast-in-place concrete piers supported on 30″ square prestressed concrete piles ranging from 60′ to 110′ long. The reinforced concrete deck will be poured on precast deck panels, supported on 243 93.5″ tall prestressed concrete girders, each 140′ long and weighing over 85 tons.

The roadway construction on Rainbow Island requires many ground improvement methods, such as Vibro Concrete shafts, wick drains, piezometers, inclinometers, and substantial settlement wait times. MSE precast retaining walls will also be required to support the elevated roadway above flood elevation. Two large temporary ramps are also required, complete with temporary MSE retaining walls constructed on marshy areas.

The NJDOT site for this project can be found here