Long Branch Boardwalk Replacement

City of Long Branch
Long Branch, New Jersey

City of Long Branch, New Jersey

Project Cost:

Important Dates:
Notice To Proceed: May 20, 2015
Anticipated Completion: July 1, 2016

Gerald Freda
Leon S. Avakian, Inc.
(732) 922-9229

Project Details

This project involves the replacement of more than one mile of boardwalk along Ocean Avenue that was destroyed or damaged by Hurricane Sandy, and helps provide resiliency against future storms for the southern section of the city. The project will be funded 90 % by F.E.M.A and 10% by the City of Long Branch.

A significant portion of the work includes constructing a steel sheet-pile wall along the entire 5,500 feet length of the project. This wall is made up of 40’ long coated steel sheets piles driven well into the sand. The new boardwalk will be built right behind this wall, so the wall will protect the existing bluffs, new boardwalk, and the roads/infrastructure behind the boardwalk. Rock and beach sand will be placed in front of the steel wall to serve as additional protection against future storms.

The new boardwalk will be supported by 1,100 timber piles having a minimum 10” tip, 12” butt diameter and the framing will be constructed with pressure-treated lumber consisting of 4”x12” pile caps and 3”x10” stringers. The decking will be constructed with Trex® Transcend 2”x6” composite lumber. Typically the boardwalk will be 16 feet wide and increase to 20 feet wide at the northern end. The overall area of timber framing and boardwalk surface will be approximately 95,000SF. Along the entire length of the boardwalk with be architecturally pleasing lighting and aluminum handrails with special Long Branch Stanchions. The boardwalk construction also includes four new large switchback handicap access ramps and six sets of stairs for beach access.

Additionally the project includes construction of three pavilion buildings, each containing public bathroom facilities and separate areas for kitchen equipment or storage. The existing roadway that runs parallel to the boardwalk will be reconstructed with drainage improvements, new curb and sidewalk improvements to help handicap access in this area. The full roadway will then be milled, paved and striped to provide a totally reconstructed look to this beach resort area just in time for the 2016 summer season.