New Jersey Department Of Transportation

Project Cost:

Completion Date:
Anticipated February, 2019

Project Details

Located in Newark, NJ, this interchange is located just west of the Stickel Bridge and is one of the most congested & highly traveled corridors in the city. The interchange is comprised of a number of deteriorating structures and ramps. The goal of this project is to replace this interchange with a much safer and more up-to-date design.

The project consists of the rehabilitation and/or replacement of the existing bridges as well as the construction of new bridges and ramps to improve the functionality of the interchange. This will be accomplished with the construction of 6 new bridge structures, 11 retaining walls, 4 sign structures, new bulkhead system, and utility upgrades.

The project is made up of several stages of construction which require certain milestones be met prior to advancing to the next stage.

The project has a complex staging scheme and very aggressive completion schedule. This is made more evident by the contract’s restriction for work on the Rt 280 Bridge over Martin Luther King Blvd. The contract requires that this bridge be demolished and reconstructed over one weekend for each direction of traffic. The construction will start Friday night and the bridge must be ready for traffic on the following Monday. This will be accomplished with the use of refabricated superstructure units. We will demolish the existing structure and several precast panels will be set in its place.

All of this construction must be complete in just over three years. The final completion for the project is scheduled for February 2019.